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The tiger and the turtle (AS001) Hunting at a fruit tree (AS002) Selected Folktales (AS003) Two men hunting with a dog (AS004) A dead woman raised to life (AS005) A man's sweetheart died (AS006) Grandfather Laa fell off the house (AS007) A man kills a snake (AS008) Digging potato (AS009) Hunting Animals Eating Tree Fruit (AS010) A man making an animal trap (AS011) A child who was hungry to death (AS012) AS013 A Man Farming AS014 Bird crying for a wormAS015 Kam and Lack AS016 Short stories collection 1 AS017 Short story collection 2 AS018 Short story collection 3 (Orphan Boy) AS019 Short story collection 4 AS020 Legend collection AS021 The man toad AS022 Squirrel prok AS023 A mosquito bit grandfather Seng AS024 The ghost stuck in the mud AS025 Three silly boys AS026 Forest and wildlife poem AS027 Poem for teaching children AS028 Da and Ma AS029 Adultery with someone else's wife AS030 A drowning boy AS031 Powerful Grand Saklok AS032 Grand Tam killed by a sharpened knife AS033 The tiger and the cat AS034 The stupid man AS035 The man who became a dolphin AS036 The man who passed gas AS037 Grandfather Se is afraid of ghosts AS041 Tanak and Mondong AS042 Neang Chan story AS044 The Fly and the ant AS045 The monkey steps over the other AS046 A man became a dragon AS047 Tret and Kolkana AS050 Rabbit in trouble AS051 The dog who acts like a pig AS052 The monkey and the turtle AS053 The legend of Ratuang AS054 The man who sold feces AS055 The lazy man AS056 Tampuan Proverbs AS057 Grandfather Lel saw a ghost AS058 Paveeng Worm AS059 Tampuan Riddles 1 AS060 Tampuan riddles 2 AS061 Tampuan riddles 3 AS062 Tampuan riddles 4 AS064 Calf and Dang AS065 The rat and the turtle AS066 A Snake bit a footprint AS068 Short Stories for children AS069 Story collection AS070 The dog and the rabbit AS071 Grandfather Kral and the crab AS072 The Magical arrow AS073 The man and the bird AS074 Tampuan youth story collection